Rubygems not updating

31-Jan-2018 13:12

gem update jekyll Updating installed gems ERROR: While executing gem ...

(Gem:: Remote Fetcher:: Fetch Error) SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certif icate verify failed ( C:\windows\system32gem sources -a recommended for security over you want to add this insecure source?

I noticed that on one server I was able to install the request-log-analyzer gem without issue but on another server running the same version of Cent OS and Ruby as the first server the attempt to install request-log-analyzer returned an error.

The error was that the gem required a newer version of another gem.

rubygems not updating-22

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Ruby Gems is a package manager for the Ruby programming language that provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called a "gem"), a tool designed to easily manage the installation of gems, and a server for distributing them.

Though it is possible to use a private Ruby Gems repository, the public repository is most commonly used for gem management.

The public repository helps users find gems, resolve dependencies and install them.

[yn] yes to sources C:\windows\system32gem update jekyll Updating installed gems ERROR: While executing gem ...

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Using 32bit MRI on 64bit Win8.1 I get a bogus failure when attempting to update the sequel gem.

Given the gem up sequel --verbose Updating installed gems HEAD Moved Temporarily HEAD Not Modified Updating sequel GET Moved Temporarily ERROR: While executing gem ...

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