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09-Aug-2017 11:40

One question remains: Whom will they sue when their children die of preventable diseases? Carl Baum New Haven, March 21, 2008 The writer, a pediatrician, is director of the Center for Children's Environmental Toxicology at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

To the Editor: When my nursing and crawling 6-month-old son went limp, refused to nurse and couldn't raise his head for 36 hours after his third diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus shot, you bet I educated myself about the true risks that accompany immunizations.

I had been in a pre-med curriculum in my undergraduate study and my children were vaccinated in the 1980s when they were young. I was injured by the hepatitis vaccine series in 1992-93, but no one was very interested in reporting or tracking that injury.

I began studying vaccination in 2009 when I was out on a disability leave of absence.

The House Human Resources subcommittee approved the bill which now moves to the full committee. The theory of vaccinating 100 percent of the population against measles, for instance, doesn’t work say scientists at Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group because vaccine doesn’t work for some people at all and any protection offered wanes over time even with booster shots.If only the recent vaccine against human papillomavirus, cause of this cancer, had been available in their early teen years.Each of these diseases still exist, in our ever-shrinking world, only a jet ride away or from the child next door.Three weeks prior, his 10-year-old cousin, with a four-week persistent cough, visited him, as her mother had refused to have her vaccinated.

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Or my fifth grader’s grandfather on a respirator in ICU, weeks after seeing his coughing 10-year-old granddaughter, whose mother said flu shots weren’t necessary. I’m saddened by the deaths of 30- to 40-year-old women from cervical cancer.

I’m angry and disappointed at reading about mothers’ vaccine refusal (LNP Sept. I’ve practiced pediatrics for the past 54 years, still examining safely immunized students of Carter & Mac Rae Elementary School in inner city Lancaster.

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