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06-Sep-2017 21:13

Or maybs they keep banging on about their ex (instant boner-killer).

Apparently there are some pretty common dating turn offs that we're all supposed to be avoiding if we want to land ourselves an actual S/O.

Natch, bad breath and body odour were 71% of people's absolute worst turn offs.

Also not-remotely-surprisingly high on the list was people who kept using their damn phones. But weirdly, 23% said they'd be put off if someone had a cracked phone screen.

We've all been there, where our date makes a 'hilarious' sexist joke and we're immediately just like, "you are now dead to me." In second and third place were awkward silences and lack of banging convo - and yeah, of course.

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People were most likely to say they'd end a relationship over AIDs (73 percent of men and 55 percent of women would) and HIV (a deal breaker for 72 percent of men and 51 percent of women).Why would you kill off a mutually fulfilling relationship where you say you’re the happiest you’ve ever been but they’re not as good looking as you’d like them to be or they earn less money?Some people do have deal breakers – they’re the code amber and red behaviours, signs of disinterest, and they basically know their boundaries – for them it’s a deal breaker from the moment that someone isn’t acting with love, care, trust, and respect towards them or causes them to act without self-love, self-care, self-trust, and self-respect.Over the past few years, I’ve written many times about the importance of boundaries, the personal electric fence that will all need that sets limits not only for others and how they treat you, but also for ourselves with what we’ll put up with.

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I work hard to push the message home because particularly with women and speaking from personal experience, we don’t always live and love with our self-esteem in tow, which then causes our confidence to be dented further as well as eroding our perceived value and not having us believing that we’re worthwhile. They could literally be treated every which way and somehow they’d find their way back to the relationship boardroom trying to hold together the ‘deal’ somehow.Marital problems are among the only reasons to bring about the breaking point in a marriage with no other way out but dissolution.