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She claims she was tortured and imprisoned by her brothers for nearly a year and a half, once even buried alive. I dropped out of school under pressure from my brothers.” Her family gave her a boy’s name, which is on her ID.She has now fled to Istanbul for fear of her safety. “I realized that I wasn’t a boy when I was in grade 7. She, however, wants to be called Jwan, saying that her feminine looks have caused trouble for her.Because of the absence of preputial sheath in the ventral abdomen, the newborn piglet urinated through vulva and the discharge appeared like an “arch”.The scrotal sacs were normal in texture and consistency, containing free moving testes with no adherence within the sac.She is identified as male on her Iraqi identity card but claims that her feminine side is more dominant.Her condition has caused problems for the 28-year old woman from Duhok.But this job didn’t last long, either.” Jwan met a man she described as intellectual, but her life at home became worse when her brothers learned about their relationship. My four brothers took me to a room where they insulted and beat me. They even tried to cut my breasts with a knife.” She vividly remembers the night she was almost killed by her own family. I was too scared to say anything.” “They took me to my grandparents’ orchard,” she recalled. “My brothers along with my mother came around lunch time. My brothers later dug me out and took me home.” “My hands and legs were swollen. They were insulting me whenever my mother was away from home.

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ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Jwan was born with both male and female reproductive organs, a condition known as hermaphroditism.

Abnormalities during differentiation and development of gonads and ducts would result in varying degrees of intersexuality.

Intersex (hermaphrodite) in farm animals is defined as the congenital abnormality, where the diagnosis of the sex is difficult.I was getting paid 25,000 Iraqi dinars per day, but my brothers were taking the money. I left the job I had in the restaurant to work in a hotel where I was washing clothes. She noticed my absence when she returned home the next day.