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21-Sep-2017 13:58

“No teen should experience violence in a relationship.For Immediate Release – August 4, 2009 (Toronto) – A school-based program that integrates information about healthy relationships into the existing ninth-grade curriculum appears to reduce adolescent dating violence and increase condom use two and a half years later, according to a report from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).Child Net Advice and Resources to help parents manage current Internet trends.VMADMobile applications that stop harassing or harmful texts, voice messages and MMS by creating a block list.When the adolescents were surveyed two and a half years later—at the end of grade 11—rates of physical dating violence were greater in the control students (9.8 percent) than in the students who participated in the program (7.4 percent).Although both boys and girls typically perpetrate dating violence, the intervention had a stronger effect on boys; 7.1 percent of boys in the control group and 2.7 percent in the intervention group reported physical dating violence, compared with 12.1 percent of girls in the control group and 11.9 percent of those in the intervention group. Wolfe stresses teaching healthy relationships at an early age, to reduce the significant impact of violence on health and well-being across the lifespan.

“From an advocacy standpoint, it’s really important for us to show that dating violence has long-term impacts on health and wellbeing,” she said.Relationship skills to promote safer decision making with peers and dating partners were also emphasized.

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